Chromecast App to TV Setup

Chromecast App to TV Setup

Chromecast App to TV Setup

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If you already purchase Chromecast device and would like to know how to setup Chromecast App to your TV, read this full step by step article:

  1. Open the Chromecast box and there are Chromecast device, USB Cable and HDMI Cable.  Chromecast  box chromecast devices
  2. On the other side of the box you will see how to setup Chromecast, bu i will explain step by step carefully. keep reading  chromecast setup
  3. Plugin in the Chromecast device to HDMI Port on TV, and mini USB cable from Chromecast device to USB Port on TV for Chromecast power supply.  USB HDMI TV  Chromecast TV
  4. Switch TV input/source to HDMI until you see Chromecast App Setup  Chromecast TV  TV Setup Chromecast
  5. Done, at Last, you could setup Chromecast App for Windows, Mac, Android, Blackberry, Kindle or iPhone device.  Welcome to Chromecast TV

Any Questions or trouble to install Google chrome on kindlefire? please comment below!

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